Wednesday, March 14, 2018

All the Gallant Men

 Bio of Donald Stratton

All the Gallant Men Quiz

Amy Chelsea Stacie Dee

Mary G Thompson Website

Amy Chelsea Stacie Dee Quiz


 Marissa Meyer's Website

Heartless Quiz

Holding Up the Universe

 Jennifer Niven's Website

Holding Up the Universe Quiz

The Memory Book

The Memory Book Quiz

My Lady Jane

 Lady Janies' Webpage

Book One: My Lady Jane
Book Two: My Plain Jane
Book Three: My Calamity Jane

My Lady Jane Quiz


 Anna Banks' Webpage

Book One: Nemesis
Book Two: Ally

Nemesis Quiz

Salt to the Sea

 Ruta Sepetys' Webpage

Salt to the Sea Quiz


 Neal Shusterman's Webpage

Book One: Scythe
Book Two: Thunderhead
Book Three: The Toll

Scythe Quiz

The Serpent King

 Jeff Zentner's Webpage

The Serpent King Quiz

The Sun is Also a Star

 Nicola Yoon's Webpage

The Sun is Also a Star Quiz

Symptoms of Being Human

 Jeff Garvin's Webpage

Symptoms of Being Human Quiz

Tell Me Three Things

 Julie Buxbaum's Webpage

Tell Me Three Things Quiz

Three Dark Crowns

 Kendare Blake's Webpage

Book One: Three Dark Crowns
Book Two: One Dark Throne
Book Three: Two Dark Reigns
Book Four: Untitled

Three Dark Crowns Quiz

When We Collided

 Emery Lord's Webpage

When We Collided Quiz